Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do you have to use your own car in a light duty sales job proposed by the insurance company?

Recently I had a client (Bob)who was being job placed by the insurance company's so called vocational consultant (VC). The VC had to work with the Bob's work restrictions which were quite severe. The VC decided to offer Bob a door to door sales job which involved the use of Bob's personal car. Fortunately, the Virginia Worker's Compensation Commission had ruled in a case in 1993 that the insurer could not force a claimant to use his personal car in a light duty job. The Commission probably made this ruling on the grounds an injured worker like Bob would be losing a thing of value (wear and tear on his personal car) which he would not be compensated for.

Thus, I quickly sent a letter to the VC citing the 1993 case and the insurer and the VC gave up the idea of placing Bob in the door to door sales job.