Friday, March 28, 2014

In Virginia is every accident at work compensable?

In Virginia not every accident at work results in a compensable accident. These are some that are not recognized under Virginia law:

1.  If you stumble on a stairway at work but nothing at work contributes to the fall such as a wet spot, something on the floor, bad lighting, etc. then the fall on the stairs is not compensable.

2.  If you are found unconscious at work and cannot remember how you were injured, you could lose your claim under the doctrine of the "unexplained accident."

3.  If you are injured in a fight at work that you started, you can lose your claim.

4.  If someone personally assaults you that has nothing to do with work even though it occurs at work that may not be a compensable Virginia accident.

5.  If your injury is really a pre-existing condition, then this can lose you your claim.

6.  If your accident is caused by an Act of God such as a tornado, then even you are injured at work you may lose your claim under Virginia law.

7.  If your injury is caused by a safety violation on your part, this can use you your claim under a Virginia law.

8.  If your injury is caused or contributed to by an illegal substance or alcohol, then you can lose your injury claim under Virginia law.

In summary, these are just some of the injuries at work in Virginia that may not be compensable.