Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mediation May Be a Good Idea in Your Virginia Workers' Compensation Case

When there is a dispute about your injury at work, the Virginia Workers' Compensation offers a mediation process to work out the dispute. Is going this route a good idea? These are the reasons why I feel it is a good idea:

  1. It does not cost to go to a mediation.
  2. The mediation is conducted by a Deputy Commissioner.
  3. The mediation is confidential.
  4. If the parties agree, you can work out a settlement at a mediation.
  5. If the parties do not agree the case can be set for a hearing.
  6. The claimant can obtain a confidential opinion about the merits of his/her case.
  7. The claimant can find out what is bad about his/her case. 
What are the bad things about a mediation?
  1. It does take time to set up a mediation. 
  2. The insurance company is not forced to settle at a mediation. 
  3. The insurance company can find out the bad things about the claimant's case. 
In summary, I believe mediations on the whole benefit the claimant. 

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