Monday, October 13, 2014

Virginia Workers's Compensation Covers Mileage for the Injured Worker

The Virginia Workers's Compensation Act provides for mileage coverage for the injured worker. Once a claim is accepted and an award is entered for the worker the worker is awarded lifetime medical coverage for that specific accident. This includes any mileage the injured worker has to incur to go to doctors, hospitals, therapists, vocational counselors, etc. The reimbursement rate is 55.5 cents a mile.

There are some caveats: (1) many insurers will not tell injured workers the reimbursement is available; (2) the reimbursement does not cover trips to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions; (3) the reimbursement does cover mandatory trips one has to make as part of vocational rehabilitation; and (4) the trips must be the shortest distance from home to the health care provider as determined by Mapquest or some other measuring tool.

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